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MAGA Mama Grizzlies For Free & Fair Elections is a grassroots group of concerned citizens inspired by Governor Sarah Palin and President Donald Trump.

The organization is comprised of patriotic Americans willing to stand up for President Trump. MAGA Mama Grizzlies For Free & Fair Elections is exposing fraud and wrongdoing in the 2020 presidential election.

Along with our commitment to continue to fight for President Trump's reelection, we are also taking action to ensure that our future elections are free, fair, and transparent. Our Republic can not stand without election integrity. We are committed to preserving our exceptional nation.

Through rugged individualism and a commonsense approach, we are determined to make sure every legal ballot in the 2020 race is counted, while all illegal ballots are rightfully thrown out.
 We the People decide our elections. If we battle as hard as President Trump intends to fight, WE WILL WIN! Welcome to our sleuth. Let's stop the steal, together.

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"Remember in 2008 I dubbed conscientious, patriotic, fed up American women “Mama Grizzlies”? Well they’ve roared into activism..." - Sarah Palin, 2020


Kevin Scholla,

Tamara Colbert,
Vice President 



Tonya Crowe,
Political Coordinator

Lina Anderson,
Communications Director

LoriAnn Lewis,
National Field Director

Board Members...

Diana Irey Vaughan,
Board Chairwoman 

Jodie Rocco

Traci Totino

Krissy Marcaurele

Taryn Formichella

Erika Ann Christensen

Rebecca Parfitt

Joy Villa,
Board Chairwoman

Vanessa Feltner

Julie Haleman

Destiny Joy Kornegay

Rachel Alexander

Leslie Homan

                    Diana Torres

Sarah Hagmayer

Nadine Cornejo

Sharika Soal

Renee Remmel

Stepfanie Velez Gentry

Rose Foster

Tara Cochran

                      Brittney Darbonne