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by Staff

Earlier this month, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin fired back at Barack Obama, after the ex-president took some shots at her in his new book. Palin called out Obama for his revisionist history and his portrayal of her role in the Trump movement. 

One line is particularly powerful.

Palin wrote on Facebook: 'Remember in 2008 I dubbed conscientious, patriotic, fed up American women “Mama Grizzlies”? Well they’ve roared into activism…'

Yes they have, Governor! 
Fueled by Palin and determined to uncover the truth, a group of dynamic women are making their presence known in a big way.

MAGA Mama Grizzlies For Free & Fair Elections is a grassroots group of concerned citizens inspired by Governor Sarah Palin and President Donald Trump.

The organization is run through Mama Grizzly Radio and is comprised of patriotic Americans willing to stand up for President Trump. MAGA Mama Grizzlies For Free & Fair Elections is exposing fraud and wrongdoing in the 2020 presidential election.

Along with a commitment to continue to fight for President Trump's reelection, the organization is also taking action to ensure that our future elections are free, fair, and transparent. 

Kevin Scholla, the creator of Mama Grizzly Radio and host of The Palin Update radio program, is the president of the new group. MGR commentator Tamara Colbert serves as vice president.

The leadership team also includes Hollywood actress Tonya Crowe, while the board features big names like singer Joy Villa and Washington County (PA) Commissioner Diana Irey Vaughan. But, most of the board is made up of everyday American women, who believe the Constitution is worth fighting for. These women are champions of American exceptionalism. They come from all walks of life. 

"Our Republic can not stand without election integrity," Scholla said. "We are committed to preserving our exceptional nation. While I was able to spearhead the creation of this effort, it's really the amazing women who have stepped up, that are the catalyst here. They make this movement work. Cheaters better watch out, because nothing is more dangerous than mama grizzlies who have been wronged." 

Through rugged individualism and a commonsense approach, MAGA Mama Grizzlies For Free & Fair Elections is determined to make sure every legal ballot in the 2020 race is counted, while all illegal ballots are rightfully thrown out.

The group is passionate about Trump and they certainly have that grizzly spirit permeating. "We are like Sarah Palin," said board member Brittney Darbonne. "She is a strong, brave woman and mother with a huntress heart and immense love for the outdoors and our great country. She is a fighter. Trump is a fighter. We are fighters." 

Palin and Trump are the GOATs when it comes to fighting for our nation. Battle tested and undeterred, they persevere. 

"Governor Palin has a simple, plain way of speaking that resonates with most Americans," Colbert said. "She is without pretense, positive and energetic with an unbridled enthusiasm for America and her people. This was affirmed for me upon meeting her for the first time a couple of years ago in Texas. She is just the girl next door. She is your BFF with a pink camo AR-15." 

Admiration for Palin and all she stands for is a constant in this group. 

"Sarah Palin has such clarity around truth, justice, and the American way," Crowe said. "That clarity gives us strength and inspiration to fight."

Big government could take a lesson from the leadership team and board. The members have all sorts of different jobs and varied backgrounds. They each bring a unique perspective to the table, but they all love America. That's how our founders imagined Congress; a body made up of different people with a common goal, not a cesspool of swamp creatures looking for a book deal. 

"I hope as many people as possible join Mama Grizzly Radio's MAGA Grizzlies For Free & Fair Elections today," said LoriAnn Lewis, National Field Director. "We the People decide our elections. If we battle as hard as President Trump intends to fight, we will win! We welcome everyone to our sleuth. Let's stop the steal, together." 

While the group is largely made up of mama grizzlies, make no mistake, papa grizzlies are welcome too. 

"Anyone who loves Trump, loves Palin, loves our country, and wants elections to be legal, is welcome to have their voice heard," Scholla said. "There is no Gavin Newsom Thanksgiving cap on our membership."

As usual, Sarah Palin had it right. Mama grizzlies are taking aim on corruption and dirty politics. Our precious vote only counts if we speak out when there is wrongdoing. It's time to restore the roar.

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