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Big Opportunity To Help Families In Need At Christmas time!

Get ready for another rally/fundraiser. This one is going to be epic! Governor Cuomo is bringing restaurants down to 25% with no assistance for service workers to pay bills, feed their kids, or give them a Christmas. My goal is to raise as much $$ as we can while telling our beloved governor what he can do with his absurd restrictions and give as many families as we can $1,000 each. We need a comedian, a DJ, and speakers. 

We get to tell Cuomo how we feel, knowing now he is paying very close attention, help families in need (especially single moms), and have a smashing good time doing it, while practicing social distancing.

If you want to help but do not want to attend the event you can donate here:
Write to your elected officials, demand fair elections!
Here is a great template to follow...

We will not allow this election to be stolen on ANY level.  And regardless of whether or not the outcome of the election will be changed EVERY American has the right to feel they participated in a fair and secure election.

Please copy and paste, email EACH of your STATE elected officials as well as mail a hard copy! Replace the name of your state and title of representative where needed.

Send to your Governor, Secretary Of State, Senator AND Assemblyperson:  https://myreps.datamade.us/

Your Name
Your Address
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The Honorable Governor/Senator/Assemblyperson Name

Dear Governor/Senator/Representative,

Voting is one of the most fundamental pieces of our American republic. One person equals one vote in a system built to provide equality for all in deciding our government. In an election riddled with alleged examples of voter fraud and malpractice, we must abide by the rule of law.  The management of the 2020 elections has become an embarrassment for our state and country. It is for this reason that I stand with the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump in demanding a full audit and by-hand recount of our state’s ballots. 

It is your responsibility as TITLE OF OFFICE to assure the people of MY STATE of this election’s outcome through a full audit and recount by hand as well as a thorough and transparent investigation into any wrongdoing, abuse or fraud.  

I am deeply concerned by continuous serious allegations of voting irregularities in MY STATE. When there are questionable vote gathering practices, alleged software glitches, lost or destroyed ballots, ballots ‘cast’ by deceased or ineligible voters, eligible voters being denied the opportunity to vote, and Republican poll watchers and observers being denied access across the country, a full audit and hand recount is the only way to ensure that all legal ballots, and only legal ballots, be counted in any 2020 election, including the Presidential race.

Whether the numbers rise to the margin necessary to change the outcome of the election is completely irrelevant.  Investigating these allegations and securing the integrity of elections is the responsibility of every elected public servant. The result of the 2020 election must not be certified until every legal vote is counted, any fraudulent or illegal vote is discounted and we know that The State Of MY STATE has conducted this election with integrity and accuracy through an audit, verification and hand recount. 

I demand the protection of the rights of all Americans. We must defend the integrity of our election process now and moving forward.


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