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Carrie Fever! Mama Grizzly DelRosso Runs Dynamic Campaign In Pennsylvania

Kevin Scholla

While Sarah Palin is making a run for Congress in Alaska, there's another candidate looking to shake things up in Pennsylvania. The great news for Keystone State voters is she is very Palinesque.

Carrie Lewis DelRosso is one of nine Republicans seeking the nomination for lieutenant governor in the commonwealth, but this Pennsylvania state representative is head and shoulders above her opponents when it comes to what matters most. For voters that care about honesty, trustworthiness, transparency, and work ethic, they need to look no further than DelRosso.  

”I'm running for lieutenant governor to serve the commonwealth the way I served my legislative district before the corrupt establishment drew me into a totally different district than what I won,” DelRosso told Sarah Palin dot com. ”The time is now to move the state of Pennsylvania forward and push for more transparent, secure elections, as well as transparency in education by funding our students, not the apparatus.”

DelRosso is also committed to fiscal sanity. ”We must stop raising property taxes,” said DelRosso. ”We need skilled workforce development so people stay in the state and raise a family here. Our state should be more attractive. That comes from economic growth, manufacturing growth, and prosperous agriculture.” 
Right now, under a Democrat regime Pennsylvania is struggling. ”Over-regulation has beat us down,” DelRosso said. ”Business is leaving. There should be no more mandates, especially for businesses and schools.”

A mother of three herself, DelRosso cares deeply about children. She vows to fight for all Pennsylvania kids. ”We must demand there will be no more dictating when our kids can go to school with taxpayer money.”

Just as she has while serving the 33rd District as a state rep, DelRosso will stand up for children at all stages of lie, including the unborn. 

”I am a pro-life woman,” DelRosso said. ”I support legislation that protects the unborn.”

While other candidates are running uneven, choppy campaigns, DelRosso's run for lieutenant governor has been bright and bold. So much so, that the NRA has given the Oakmont resident a coveted A-rating. ”I will continue to fight to protect our Second Amendment,” DelRosso said.

Not only does DelRosso share many political positions with Governor Palin, she also took a similar path to prominence. Just like Palin busted up the good ol' boys club in Alaska by posting upset wins for city council, mayor, and governor, DelRosso sent shockwaves of her own throughout Pennsylvania back in 2020.

”I beat a thirty-year incumbent entrenched Democrat in a district he drew for himself not to lose,” DelRosso said. ”Iwas at a disadvantage, but I worked tirelessly to listen and get my message across to the people.”

Just like Palin did several times before, DelRosso proved the best candidate can win even when the deck is stacked, if you can reach the people.

Like Palin, Delrosso is an experienced angler. Also like Palin, DelRosso has experience in catching corruption, reeling in spending, and draining the swamp. There's plenty of that to be done nowadays.

Perhaps the best part about DelRosso is her willingness to tell it like it is. Like Palin, DelRosso gives honest answers. She doesn't look to polls or political hacks for guidance. She has her views and opinions and she expresses them proudly. Refreshing for sure, in this era of a GOP that is chock full of mealy-mouthed milquetoasts.  
The problems facing Pennsylvania are vast and complicated, but the dynamic DelRosso is up for the challenge. ”The opioid crisis in this state continues despite the current administration overspending on NARCAN,” said DelRosso. We need to collaborate more with health care to help people recover.” 
Originally from Scranton, DelRosso made Allegheny County home after studying at the University of Pittsburgh. Now, this Panther is clawing her way through a crowded field with her sights set on improving the state that she loves dearly. 
”I will work hard to figure out a way to stop illegal immigration and secure a system for legal immigration—that’s how our country was founded,” DelRosso said. ”I am a fourth generation small business owner that knows how hard it is to pay for health care and be fiscally sound. My experience in both local and state government gives me a solid understanding of why it’s so crucial for me to run for lieutenant governor and win. I know how to win as I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and I’m not leaving.”

On a personal level, DelRosso has her priorities straight as well. It's family first with this Republican, something hard working Pennsylvanians can appreciate. ”My most important role is being a mom,” DelRosso said. ”I have three kids (14, 12, 11) who are all super happy and talented. I love watching them succeed, whether it be at sports or school or even beating me at chess.” 

Pennsylvanians who care about liberty and freedom are hoping it's DelRosso exclaiming 'checkmate' on Primary Day. The state will be better off if that is indeed the case.  


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