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**Mellissa Carone is on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla**

Kevin Scholla and co-host Tamara Colbert welcome Mellissa Carone, the courageous Michigan mom who testified about Election Night voter fraud in the Wolverine State. Tune in to hear what Carone saw while working at a vote-counting center in Detroit. Carone has been threatened and mocked since coming forward, but she is not backing down. Instead, she is fighting for her exceptional country. Listen to Carone as she details what she saw and heard on Election Night, plus Kevin and Tamara get Carone's take on God, America, President Trump, Governor Palin, and much more. Carone is vowing to fight, and she tells us there is something big coming next week that will prove Trump won. It's the Mama Wolverine on Mama Grizzly Radio!!!

Guest Mellissa Carone

MAGA Mama Grizzlies For Free & Fair Elections is a grassroots group of concerned citizens inspired by Governor Sarah Palin and President Donald Trump.


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GOVERNOR SARAH PALIN joined us on The Palin Update In this Mama Grizzly Radio exclusive, Governor Palin discusses Donald Trump, Planned Parenthood, our Second Amendment, and much more.

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