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The Palin Update Radio Magazine is back with all new episodes!

The Palin Update Radio Magazine is back with all new remote broadcast episodes! **Marjorie Taylor Greene is on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla** Kevin Scholla and co-host Tamara Colbert welcome Marjorie Taylor Greene, the newly elected, pro-life, pro-God, pro-Trump Congresswoman from Georgia. After watching President Trump go through one frivolous attack after another for four straight years, Greene is turning the tables on Democrats and calling for the impeachment of Joe Biden. Greene is also fighting for girls and women nationwide as she vehemently opposes the radical idea of allowing biological boys the chance to compete in girls sports. We talk to Greene about the vicious attacks she has faced from the media, the state of the Republican party, and much more. Congresswoman Greene is doing the job she was elected to do-fighting for our Constitution, our exceptional nation, and We The People. Don't miss this exclusive interview with Marjorie Taylor Greene on Mama Grizzly radio!!!



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de Blasio WITHOUT a MASK

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        'Mama Grizzly Radio was with Donald Trump from the Start'

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GOVERNOR SARAH PALIN joined us on The Palin Update In this Mama Grizzly Radio exclusive, Governor Palin discusses Donald Trump, Planned Parenthood, our Second Amendment, and much more.

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