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'Mama Bear' Marjorie Taylor Greene On Girls Sports: 'Boys Stay Out, Period'

Kevin Scholla

Joe Biden has been fast and loose with the executive orders since taking office last month. The slow moving Democrat is running a hurry-up offense like we've never seen before. One of his EOs however is being met with much push back. A Georgia Congresswoman is standing up to a particularly dangerous idea. Her goal is to protect America's daughters.

In the Executive Order on Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation, signed on Inauguration Day, the Biden administration said that any school that receives federal funding must allow biological males who self-identify as girls onto girl sports teams or face action from the federal government. Enter Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

"I am a former competitive athlete and my daughter is a D-1 collegiate softball player and she played for many years to earn her scholarship and I'm very proud of her," Greene said during an appearance on Mama Grizzly Radio. "That makes it up close and personal for me on two levels."

The freshman Congresswoman has been attacked from all sides since taking office. She hasn't backed down from swamp creatures like Nancy Pelosi or Mitch McConnell. She clearly won't back down from Biden either, especially when the well being of young girls is on the line.

"I'm a mama bear, I'm definitely one of those," Greene said in an exclusive interview on The Palin Update radio program. "I'm going to watch out for my kids. This is a right and wrong issue. I believe this is why I'm being so heavily attacked. I've been very vocal on this gender canceling scheme that the Democrats have. It's really an attack on God. You see, in Genesis, the Bible tells us that God created them male and female, in his image he created them. So to say that gender doesn't exist is a direct attack on God's creation. It's a direct attack on God Himself. I will say that all day long and I will never bow down to those rules even though Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats passed them in the House of Representatives. They can fine me all day long for saying gender pronouns and saying family names. But when you take it a step further and you deny gender and say that biological males, boys, or men can go in our bathrooms, can go in our locker rooms, and compete to play on our girls teams. It goes further than that, these boys that are on the team travel with the team and if they're staying overnight in a hotel room, they have to have a roommate. That could be one of the girls on the team."

Along with those alarming scenarios, the Biden order is simply anti-God according to Greene.

"This is dangerous on every single level," Greene said. "It's an invasion in women's rights and girl's privacy. But, it's just dangerous because we are denying that God (exists) and we are denying his creation. I refuse to go along with that and I've been very vocal about it."

It's not all talk either. Greene is taking action as well.

"I'm an original sponsor with Greg Steube (R-FL) and Debbie Lesko (R-AZ) on our bill to keep biological men out of girl's and women's sports," said Greene. "The key element in our bill, we don't define gender based on what the doctor says when a baby is born, but it is about their biological sex and their chromosomes. It has to do with the very core meaning of that. We go directly to how they are created. We are created either male or female. There's only two sets of chromosomes. The Democrats need to stop denying science and stop attacking God. There is no way on earth that anybody should accept this. This is not a Republican or Democrat issue. this is a matter of right and wrong. We have to all come together and just say enough, absolutely enough."

Making a competitive sports team and then enjoying success at that sport is difficult enough for a young girl. Having to worry about facing a boy or man during a game, meet, or match takes things to a whole new, crazy level. As a mom of a player, Greene is adamant about keeping males away from the softball field.

"If there is a 200-pound guy up to bat hitting a fast pitch softball and he does hit that line drive directly at her face, he's going to break her entire face," said Greene. "Even if they have a mask on. That's just the reality. Girls shouldn't have to compete against guys in track (either). That's ridiculous. They shouldn't have to compete against them anywhere, any time."

In Biden's world, biological males would be able to compete in any sport against girls. Even full contact endeavors like wrestling.

"If we want to have some co-ed sports, fine," Greene said. "But as far as girls teams, and bathrooms, and locker rooms are, as it stands right now, boys stay out. That's it. Boys stay out, period."

In recent days there have been many voices speaking up against the radical idea of allowing males to play girls sports. Some of those voices have even come from the left.

"I'm hoping I find some common ground with people," Greene said. "It used to be we didn't assume everyone was bad just because they didn't agree with us. I want to get back to that. I want to get back to-it's not your team versus my team or my politics versus your politics or even on a more disturbing level to me, it's race versus race. That's horrible."

It may very well take a team effort to stop this invasion of girls sports in America.

"I think we need to get back to, let's just talk about the issue and come together on the issue and not about what team we're on or who we vote with and all of that," Greene said. "I would love to find some common ground with some Democrats who agree with me that we are not going to treat our daughters this way and not allow them to be treated this way. That would be fantastic."

The ball is in Joe Biden's court now. There's a press from concerned Americans, like Greene, trying to force a turnover. But, this is far from just some game. The very safety and well being of American girls and women is on the line.


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